Here you can see some examples of photo restorations:

Original Restored
The photo above is a simple matter of restoring faded colours and increasing the contrast to make the image crisper. This would come under Type 1 (see
Photo Restoration Prices).
Original Restored  
This photo is rather faded and there is a small piece missing from the face of the girl on the left. This was corrected and a number of small imperfections removed. This would come under Type 2.  
Original Restoration
This photo required slightly more work. Not only had it faded, there was also a very noticeable crease across the face and shoulder of the lady on the left, and a piece missing near the top of the photo. This would come under Type 3.  
Original  Restoration 
This badly damaged photo needed quite a bit of restoration; it was creased and discoloured and there was a piece missing near the centre bottom of the photo. This would come under Type 4.  


Photo Restorations

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